Local SEO

Have you had a good nap lately? Well, we mean NAP. Are you down with NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number, and it’s the foundation of good Local SEO. But sadly, most websites stop at NAP. You could say they oversleep.

Local SEO is the art of building a website that performs brilliantly in local search results. Does your retail location appear near the top of map search results in Google? Is the pin in the correct place on the map? Does your Google Business page have the right information? Are your hours and services described properly? Is someone keeping an eye on your local listings, and monitoring how your competition is trying to beat you?

Local SEO takes monthly planning and careful attention to detail. We’re experts at local SEO, and we promise not to nap on the job.

Most businesses assume local search is a given: because they're local, their business will be found. It's not that simple: you must nourish your local relationships.
Dan Holmes
Boone Digital

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