Website Development

Used to be you needed part technical engineer, part magician to build a website. Who knew what it took to build in HTML and HTTP and so on?

But that was a long time ago, and the tools to build websites have come a long way. Today, websites can be developed and deployed quicker and more efficiently than ever.

That doesn’t mean your website should be rushed or built by an amateur. Websites should be designed carefully with most of the attention placed on user experience, performance, and content. How will a person use your website? Will the robots like it (Google and other search engines)? Because we must serve two constituents: people and the AI that crawls your site so it can be found.

Does your web developer understand how content and functionality work together? Does your web developer know how to build a site that can scale, a site you can easily manage?

At Boone Digital we develop websites that make sense for our customers. We never sell too much website, and we deliver our sites on budget, on time.

Each page on your website should answer a problem for the visitor, and do so clearly.
Dan Holmes
Boone Digital

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