What is Inbound Marketing?

Used to be you put a sign out in front of your business and waited for folks to come in.

That doesn’t happen anymore.

In a digital marketplace you must attract customers by using inbound marketing techniques.

Inbound marketing utilizes content such as blogs and web page copy, with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, a social media strategy, email marketing, and more, to attract new business to your website or online store.

Simply publishing a website and creating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media pages is not inbound marketing. You must create content in a coordinated manner to satisfy the best practices of the search engines. You must know how to publish content that entices and draws customers to you.

At Boone Digital we consider inbound marketing any efforts we use to gather an audience to your owned properties (a website or online shop). Rented properties (like Facebook or Amazon Marketplace) should only support your owned properties.

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What Dan Says About this Topic:

Sales teams are less important today because it's more crucial to attract qualified customers than it is to blindly sell to everyone. Your marketing efforts ARE sales.

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