Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes

Why choose Boone Digital?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to digital marketing. So why choose Boone Digital?

Here are ten reasons to consider Boone Digital for your new website or content marketing, SEO and other digital marketing projects:

  1. We answer the phone. Our promise to you is that we are there when you need us. Our clients constantly tell us stories of their previous web development/web hosting company not returning emails and phone calls. We’re dedicated to helping you, and our promise starts by responding to you when you need us.
  2. We’re affordable. When you consider our experience and quality of work, we offer more value than our competitors. We’re not always the cheapest, but we believe “cheap Web Sites” look cheap. We strive to offer services that fit your budget, which is why we offer web hosting for $200 per year for most sites, and webmastering services starting at $79 per month.
  3. Building Web Sites since 1993. Our first client came online in 1993, and they’re still with us! We’ve been in the Internet business for nearly 20 years, and we’ve seen trends come and go. We have the experience and perspective to handle any project that comes our way.
  4. We’re still adding to our skills. Many of our clients are small to mid-size businesses who don’t have the time to keep up with technology. Our challenge is to stay on top of new technology that can help our clients succeed. It’s a challenge we love to meet. One example of meeting that challenge is our leadership in the area of Mobile-Friendly Web Sites. Our increased focus on cloud services is an example of how we stay current with trends.
  5. We have a veteran team. The talent runs deep within our organization. This means we’re better able to serve you. The people who work on your project are professionals who have years of experience working in the digital space. Our core team has an average of 15+ years in the industry.
  6. We’re an Open Hosting Company. Our Web Hosting environment is open and accessible to our clients. If our clients need to get to their websites via FTP, Shell access, email, etc., they are empowered to do so, free of charge. This may sound like a simple point, but many of our competitors place their clients on a closed hosting environment, which hamstrings their growth and costs them a lot of money when they need to make changes to their own website.
  7. We provide solutions. We strive to be an extension of your business. We find out what you’re trying to accomplish and we seek an effective, affordable solution. That might mean we utilize an open source solution or a third-party vendor, or we may do custom web development work, but whatever it is, we make the decision based on your unique requirements. We don’t re-invent the wheel or do custom work just for the sake of more billable hours. In the end, that means you get a best solution for you and your budget.
  8. Web Hosting Excellence. Regarded as the highest level of design and engineering by the Uptime Institute, Boone Digital’s Tier IV data center surpasses all previous standards for uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy. Search around, do you know of any hosting providers hosted in Tier IV?
  9. We’re trusted. Our clients trust us to create, design, develop, deploy, host, and manage their projects. In fact, our proudest accomplishment are the kind words that come from our clients. Our portfolio includes many clients who have been with us for years.
  10. We’re creative. We pride ourselves in helping our clients by creating, editing, managing, and publishing content for their websites and social media channels. Our staff has experience writing for the Internet, and our professionals can capture video and still photos to publish online, helping your site attract more visitors.

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