Search Engine Optimization

SEO can make or break you. If you can’t be found on search engines, it’s like being closed for business. Of all digital marketing services, Search Engine Optimization is the most misunderstood. It’s often difficult for business owners to understand, the tactics take patience and nuance, and the rules change.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important for your business?

Because people are using the Internet to find everything and the competition is stiff.

SEO is about making your website healthy and compliant so it can be found by search engines and perform well once a user lands there.

There are best practices that help you with SEO, but there are also changing needs based on how Google and Bing alter their methods. Often these changes require a lot of work on the back end of a website. That’s why it’s usually wise to have a professional handling your SEO.


Here’s the best analogy we’ve come up with for how business owners misunderstand SEO:

Business owners have bought in to the idea that SEO is like having someone make a sign for their business. When you hire a company to build a new sign, they design it and it’s installed and there it is — glowing to the world to say “Here we are!”

But SEO is not like having a sign made and walking away. The sign is not always on, it needs a few bulbs replaced every so often, and it needs to have the wording and colors tweaked from time to time. Sometimes it falls off.

A good SEO marketer knows how to do the initial SEO work and also realizes what is required after the sign is in place.

At Boone Digital we’re committed to using content as the fuel for effective SEO. That’s why we recommend content marketing to almost all of our customers, because we’ve learned through decades of experience that good content marketing is a very important SEO factor.