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Web Design and Development is the design, development, and launching of a website. At Boone Digital, we build affordable web sites that can be deployed rapidly and efficiently. 

Our philosophy is markedly different than that of other web development companies, in that our Web Development cycle is spent primarily setting up and populating your site with your content. 

Because we set up your site on our environment quickly, we spend more time making sure your content is positioned properly to convert site visitors into subscribers or customers. With few exceptions, our website solutions are built on top of a content management system (CMS) that enables your organization to manage and edit your website yourself. This ensures that YOU have access to make changes to your site if needed and are not hostage to us or a web hosting company to make even minor changes. 

Our web development services include complete setup of your website and all of your pages, which eliminates the guesswork. No hidden fees, no unpredictable “development” time that eats up your budget. 

We’ve been designing websites since 1993, and we’ve built websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether it’s a small website or a large database-driven website, or an e-commerce solution, we’ve seen it. Our website design and development method follows a three-phase approach:

DESIGN: Consult with client to determine target goals of your site, create wireframes, content flow.

DEVELOP: Layer design on top of the CMS, create graphic treatments, coordinate changes with client.

DEPLOY: Beta test site functionality, populate with content, rewrite content as necessary, launch site.

Design isn't just "looking good." It's also functionality and performance. I believe in websites that put user-experience first, because handsome doesn't pay the rent.
Dan Holmes
Boone Digital

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